Our innovative design solution. PRAL is an extraordinary artificial material, obtained by combining a natural mineral with an acrylic polymer. Its essence is beauty, colour, pliability and functionality bound together in a gratifyingly tactile material. 

This material does non imitate existing materials, but has its own identity, capable of catering to even the most demanding designs. The designer has only to choose from the rich palette of colours ranging from strong saturated hues to softer, lighter tones combined to create the most diverse atmospheres. PRAL is coloured throughout the mass meaning the colour soaks the element’s entire thickness and not just its surface.

PRAL, moreover, is not cold to the touch like other materials, it’s warm, flowing and supple. However, don’t be fooled, PRAL boasts excellent surface strength.

Pliability, jointlessness, levity, resilience, hygiene, beauty: a high performance material, a must have for any designer.