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Our company is a skilled manufacturer of Corian® furniture and objects, a fast spreading material used in:

  • Kitchens (home)

  • Bathrooms (home)

  • Shops and stores (commercial)

  • Offices (commercial)

  • Ship furnishings

  • Design

  • Furniture

  • Various other objects and items

With our moulds we are able to bend Corian® and obtain a great number of diverse surfaces.

A summary of Corian®’s key properties follows below.

RESISTANT Corian®, an easy to maintain, durable material, is tough in the face of everyday use and capable of withstanding most knocks, scratches and cuts that intense-traffic area surfaces are subjected to.

HYGIENICCorian® is a non-porous material. It is compact throughout and may be installed with invisible joints which render the surface 100% hygienic.
REPARABLECorian® surfaces can be renovated and restored to their original state with an ordinary detergent and scourer. Damage brought about with improper use of the material can generally be repaired on site without the need for the material to be replaced.
NON-TOXICCorian® is an inert, non-toxic material. Subjected to normal temperature there are no gaseous emissions. If set alight it releases only carbon oxides and the smoke produced is not highly sight-impairing and doesn’t contain halogenated toxic gasses. Thanks to these properties it is often used in public places.   
JOINTS One of Corian®’s key selling points is the possibility to create invisible joints and thus, continuous smooth surfaces.
HEAT-FORMABLE Corian® may be heat-formed and so fashioned into various two-dimensional and three-dimensional shapes.
COLOURS offers a rich palette of readily available colours. In particular, a range of translucent materials have been designed to create diverse lighting effects.