FSC® certificate: a pledge of reliability and innovation

The Forest Stewardship Council (in brief FSC®) is an international, not-for-profit NGO. FSC® is a system of forest certification recognised the world over. The certification aims to guarantee and promote sustainable forest management and the traceability of forest products. The FSC® logo guarantees that the product was made employing raw materials sourced from correctly managed forests in keeping with the principles of FSC®’s main standards: forest management and chain of custody. FSC® certification is independent and third-party. Inspections are carried out by 17 certifying bodies throughout the world. Certification bodies are in turn accredited by ASI (Accreditation Service International). Among FSC®’s key activities is that of reviewing standards in accordance to the ISEAL code. Standards are in turn adapted to function at a local level by National Initiatives, FSC® counts roughly 50 of these National Initiatives contributing to adapting standards and promoting certification on a national scale.

In Italy there is FSC®-Italia.

As of 2012, ESSEPI too is a proud and approved FSC®-certified manufacturer.

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