Petruzzelli Theater

Created along the lines of Ing Angelo Messeni’s design (thanks to his contractor brothers Antonio e Onofrio Petruzzelli), Petruzzelli Theatre is the epicentre of Bari’s cultural scene and the fourth largest theatre in Italy. The building represents a valuable illustration of XIX century “Politeama”: extreme plan clarity and rationality in the shape of a hollow horseshoe with two full antler orders and two lateral, a central gallery and a vaulted balcony in the sixth order.

On the night of the 26th of October 1991, a fire completely destroyed the theatre. Restoration work began in 2008, under the philosophy “as it was where it was” and articulated around two key aspects: respectful revisiting of the “Theatre” artefact and its spatial, material qualities; restoring its original décor whilst adhering to modern safety constraints and improving its usability and functionality.

Essepi produced the third and fourth level seats based on TMA’s design.

carried out for TMA

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